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  • Best results for you with automated advertising
  • Up to 40% reduction in digital advertising cost
  • New customers finding you online

Google terms and conditions apply, see *below for details.

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Small businesses use Promote to make their business thrive

My ads were set up automatically. I spend less on Google Ads now and get more phone calls with Promote. It’s had such a positive impact on our business, that my partner and I were able to hire staff and step away from the front lines to focus on expanding our product line.
Viviane Jardim, Owner, Samba Glow
I love getting a text from Promote. Promote is the only digital tool I use that tracks business for me. I get 4 to 6 new customers a month on a $199 plan. Highly recommend it to any small business owner who needs to be competitive in the internet world.
Oscar Leon, Empire Limo
I never had exposure online like I do now with Promote. I’m on Google’s first page for search results in my domain and location. It’s amazing! I’ve sold half a dozen new contracts worth over $60,000. Well worth it.
Mario Caltabiano, Krismar Construction

Get Promote to help you gain new customers quickly and hassle-free

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Online advertising made easy

3 great benefits of advertising with Promote

Advertise effortlessly.

Promote automagically creates Google Ads campaigns, tailored for your industry. Spend less time on complicated advertising and more time growing your business.

Advertise without effort.

Be found on mobile.

Promote’s advertisements send customers to mobile ‘friendly webpages’ customized for your specific business. Whether you already have a website or not, these standalone pages capture customers who are ready to buy, call or book with you.

Mobile landing page.

Track results in real time.

Unlike typical advertising, our ‘call tracking’ technology shows you in real-time exactly how many phone calls your ads are generating, giving you the confidence your ad dollars are being well spent.

More call, more clients.

Spend less.

Promote can reduce your online advertising most by up to 40%! Our advanced algorithms instantly adjust your campaigns 24/7, ensuring you’ll never overspend on useless ads, or exceed your budget.

Up to 40% reduction in advertising cost
Results derived from 20,000 campaigns. January 2017

Here’s just a few of the over 180 industries we automate ads for

Home industries
Health & Beauty
Home industries

Promote is a leader in the automation of online advertising

Promote is wholly owned by Acquisio**, a leading platform to manage, track and optimize online advertising. After 10 years of servicing big agencies and brands, and 20 billion dollars of ad spend, Acquisio combined all that data with artificial intelligence to build a product that makes advertising easy and profitable for small businesses with small budgets.

Because you deserve to thrive in this digital economy too.

**Acquisio Inc, not Royal Bank of Canada is responsible for the terms and conditions of the program. Promote terms and conditions apply; please click here for complete details and restrictions regarding Acquisio services.


Where will my ad show up online?

Your ads will show next to Google search results on the web and on mobile phones when people search for your products or services.

Do I need a website to use Promote?

No. Whether you have an existing website, Google+ My Business page, Facebook Business Page, or no website at all, you’ll need a place where your advertising can link to. Thankfully, Promote automagically creates a landing page site where customers will land after they click your ad. If you have an existing website or domain name, Promote’s landing page won’t interfere or interact with it at all. These landing pages are designed to convert the traffic we send to them, work on any device or browser and are easily customized to your business, providing a ‘call to action’ that directs customers to click to instantly call you.

What’s the difference between Promote and Google Ads?

  • Google Ads is a tool from Google that allows businesses full control of their Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising on Google’s search results page. It provides sophisticated tools, complete control of ad campaigns, and metrics reports. With the Google Ads tool you must decide on your own keywords, write multiple ads, and actively monitor and manage your campaigns. This requires a strong knowledge of PPC Campaigns and Digital Marketing, as well as a lot of time to create, manage, monitor and update your ongoing campaigns.
  • Promote is a tool that easily automates everything about running Pay per Click advertising on Google. You don’t need to know the first thing about advertising! It automates the creation and optimization of campaigns, with simple reports to show you exactly how many customers your ads delivered.

How is Promote different from Digital Marketing Agencies or PPC Tools?

Unlike the human-managed services of digital marketing agencies or “do it yourself” online tools, Promote is completely automated. It is powered by intelligent algorithms. With a few simple details about your business and your budget limits, Promote automates the complicated creation and optimization of your advertising campaigns. It continuously makes impossibly smart decisions and requires no time to monitor and control, while providing 100% transparent results about whether your ad dollars are driving new business. You’ll have nothing to manage, except how to serve the higher volume qualified customers calling your business!

What is the difference between ‘SEO’ and Promote?

SEO has very little to do with Promote. For any term that customers search for on Google, the top result on the page receives about 34% of the traffic for that term. The second results receives 18% and it quickly gets much worse from there. Having your website appear on top of these ‘organic’ results require years of investment in quality content, picking the right keywords, following Google’s guidelines and so on. This is “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) and requires constant vigilance to maintain top ranking. Many businesses hire SEO expert consultants to assist in improving their website rankings. Promote sidesteps SEO and that entire costly and time-consuming process by automatically creating ‘pay-per-click’ PPC ads on Google, appearing alongside these 'organic’ results.

Why is a Google Partner certification so important?

Promote is a certified Google Partner. This means Promote has been approved by Google, passing their high standards of performance, security and reliability with flying colours. It’s hard to know these days whether an advertising tool or agency is a trusted leader or fly-by-night operation. With a Google Partner certification, you can be assured we’re one of the best.

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Sign up today to get $100advertising credit No commitment, no setup fee, cancel anytime.
Here's what you get:
  • Best results for you with automated advertising
  • Up to 40% reduction in digital advertising cost
  • New customers finding you online

Google terms and conditions apply, see *below for details.